Aikan Technology offers full traceability of all processed batches. The Aikan approach differs from other anaerobic digestion systems on the market, as it does not need inoculation with already digested waste to initiate the process. This is especially important in countries with rigorous animal by-product regulations.

The Aikan system design meets EU regulation 1774(2002) on animal by-products. A full-scale plant has been approved under the Danish national legislation.

If required, the Aikan system design allows for process modules with two separate access routes, ensuring complete separation of waste input and compost output.

Safe to open process modules

Due to the design, after performing the Aikan 3-step process there is no gas left in the process modules. The modules are safe to open and there are no special instructions to follow. Aikan plants can be approved under the European Union’s ATEX 137 directive.

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