Source Separation

Source separated household waste is the optimal feedstock for an Aikan plant.

Areas and regions that already have or are preparing for source-separated collection of household waste will obtain economic and environmental benefits through the use of Aikan Technology. Under most circumstances, an Aikan plant will outperform other solutions for treatment of solid waste, both with regard to required investment, operating expenses and financial results.

Source-separated household waste is the optimal feedstock for an Aikan plant. Compared to slurry, the biogas potential of household waste is 10 times higher per tonne. Aikan Technology also allows for use of any other kind of organic feedstock, providing an unparalleled level of flexibility.

The quality of the source separation is not critical. An Aikan plant can handle any kind of organic waste, irrespective of the percentage of non-organic content- as long as the impurities are related to mistakes made in household separation.

Aikan Technology ensures 100 percent up time, even when processing batches with a high content of non-organic waste. For example BioVækst, the Aikan showcase plant, near Holbæk, Denmark, has a flawless track record of processing unsorted organic and non-organic waste from one of Europe’s largest music festivals, Roskilde Festival.

In our new folder From Fork to Farm you can follow the path of household waste – from consumer waste bins, to the processing at the Aikan plant (BioVækst), and on to its final destination, as fertilizer on agricultural land.

See the folder at:  From fork to farm (pdf-fomat)