Feedstock options

Optimal feedstock is source separated household waste. An Aikan plant does however process all available organic fractions such as parks and garden waste and energy crops.


A waste treatment plant using Aikan Technology can use a very large variety of different organic feedstocks depending on availability. No other system offers the same flexibility. For owners and operators of an Aikan plant, the outstanding feedstock flexibility means a substantial reduction to market and supply risks.

Usable feedstocks for an Aikan plant include:

  • Source-separated organic household waste
  • Municipal solid waste*
  • Park and Garden Waste
  • Farm waste
  • Food waste, including food wrapped in plastic
  • Catering kitchen waste
  • Grease trap waste
  • All kinds of horticultural waste
  • Organic residues from industrial food processing (vegetables, oil, meat)
  • Organic waste from agriculture
  • Energy crops
  • Screenings from other plants
  • Dewatered sludge from sewage treatment plants**.

* Best performance is obtained with source-separated organic waste. Aikan Technology is able to process MSW if allowed in national/local regulations.
** No biogas produced from dewatered sludge, only compost.