Compost quality

Compost delivered from an Aikan plant has a precisely defined quality and can be used as a substitute for conventional NPK fertilizer.

1 tonne of compost contains the following nutrients (example specification):
Nitrogen – total: 14.3 kg
Ammonium-nitrogen: 1.3 kg
Nitrate-nitrogen: 0.0 kg
Phosphorous – total: 4.6 kg
Potassium – total: 8.1 kg
Magnesium – total: 0.8 kg
Sulfur – total: 2.0 kg
Lv, conductivity value (10mS/cm): 26,3
Lt, conductivity number (10mS/cm): 55
pH-value, acidity: 7.8
Rt, reactivity number: 8.0

For further details, please see example of a compost declaration from the Aikan showcase plant.

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