Solum Group Enters UK Market

7. February 2011

Solum Gruppen of Denmark have signalled  their intentions  to expand their market coverage by opening a UK office to identify and deliver projects for its Aikan ‘Dry’ Anaerobic Digestion and In Vessel Composting  technology in the UK and Ireland.

Solum Gruppen, who have been processing organic waste in Denmark for over a quarter of a century, and have become the largest supplier of growing media and turf products in Denmark are the developers of the Aikan process. Solum have delivered a number of projects utilizing the Aikan process in Denmark and Norway and are also partners in the operation of the plants.

Henrik Mortensen, Business Development Director, explains that the ‘The fact we are partners in the operation of these plants, along with our in house experience in organic processing, has given us a real insight from both the financial viability and logistical practicality standpoint into what it takes to deliver successful processing plants. The UK is a sophisticated market where operators are looking for bankable options. One of the risks that investors are looking at is evidence of process outputs, we now have this’.

‘There are a number of  technology providers in the market who whilst they may have ‘good ideas’,  cannot produce documented proof of their claims to plant efficiency. Aikan have invested  heavily in gaining an in-depth understanding of the process’s  at work during the AD phase and how to optimize them to maximize  the usable gas production available from differing waste streams. To further this knowledge base and as a tool for customers, Aikan have also installed a scaled down version of the process to facilitate the collection of hard data on any particular waste stream. This removes the ‘our waste is different to your waste’ scenario’. This facility is to be used for ascertaining the gas yield potential from the customers actual waste stream.

The  decision to expand at this time was based on a number of factors, including the UK governments policy on AD as a major contributor to the UK’s renewable energy obligations. Peter Hallam, Area Manager for Aikan UK,  pointed out that ‘With the advent of proven AD technologies, the classification of waste as a resource really begins to make sense. The fact that we are able to produce energy as well as a beneficial soil improver form discarded organic material completes the circle. Further the FIT scheme and the upcoming RHI’s coupled with  the reduction in landfill tax costs and the avoidance of potential fines under the Landfill Obligation mean that there is a real financial as well as ethical advantages to be gained by the utilization of AD as a technology. There is a real opportunity for synergy between waste to landfill reductions and renewable energy that can be met with the proven Aikan process to deliver cost effective resource management. We look forward to enabling the delivery of sustainable projects through-out the UK and Ireland’.

For more information on the benefits of the Aikan technology in the UK please contact:

Peter Hallam
Tel: +44 (0)7801 540704

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