Saleable products

Organic fertilizer and biogas are among the sellable products from a waste treatment plant using Aikan Technology.

An Aikan plant produces renewable energy in the form of high quality biogas for use as refined biogas (methane) or electricity and heat.  Additionally, an Aikan plant serves as a multi-purpose factory, creating value from resources that are normally considered as waste and consigned to landfills.

How the waste is processed and refined at a specific Aikan plant depends on the local market conditions and political agendas. Amongst the most important factors are the  value of energy feed-in tariffs, as well as local demand and pricing for organic fertilizer.

Due to the highly flexible nature of an Aikan plant, the local configuration can be adapted to maximize revenues.

The saleable products from an Aikan plant include:

  • Biogas for
    - refines biogas (methane) for transportation purposes
    - electricity and heat
  • Heat derived from the gas motor.
  • Organic fertilizer.
  • Top soils (produced from organic fertilizer, sand etc.).
  • Recycled plastics.
  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).
  • Carbon credits.