Existing landfills can be transformed from a cost-inducing pollutants to revenue producing facilities.

With a modest investment, existing landfills can be transformed from costly pollutants to revenue producing facilities.

Benefits of such an upgrade include:

  • Extended life of the existing landfill.
  • Gradual transformation of the landfill from an expense to a revenue generating facility.
  • Better environmental performance.
  • Improved quality of biogas compared to methane capture from existing landfill.
  • Flexible energy production in the form of storable upgradable biogas that can be sold or used to generate electricity delivered to the grid.
  • Scalable solution that can be expanded as needs arise and markets evolve.
  • Improved community image as a cleaner and greener facility.

With an on-site Aikan plant, the organic waste streams of any landfill can become a steady resource for the production of valuable biogas and fertilizer. This benefit both the local environment and local economy, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solum Gruppen, the company behind Aikan Technology, is currently working with a number of landfill owners in the US to upgrade their existing landfill facilities with an Aikan Technology solution.