Modular Flexibility

The modular approach of an Aikan plants makes it highly flexible and enables it to use all kinds of organic feedstock, including organic household waste, sewage sludge and food waste.


Aikan systems offer higher flexibility than any other solution on the market. The solution offered is flexible with regard to feed-stock, treatment regimes and capacity which reduces market risks significantly.

Feedstock flexibility

There is flexibility in choice of feedstock. An Aikan plant process any kind of organic waste, see a detailed list of feedstock options for an Aikan system.

Treatment regime flexibility

The choice of treatment regime is flexible. The digestion stage (hydrolysis and methanation) can be opted out or shortened.

Shortening is relevant if a waste fraction holds low gas potential.

Aikan can be used as a conventional composting system to increases the waste capacity by 50 percent for organic household waste. That is useful in a situation, when waste amounts increase unexpectedly or rapidly. Composting can also be relevant for organic feedstock without any gas potential.

The Aikan 3-step process can be run as it best fits current supply and demand:

  • Ordinary total processing time is 5-7 weeks.
  • Prolonged total processing time is 6-9 weeks (result: more biogas).

Capacity flexibility

The total capacity is flexible. An Aikan plant with 10 modules can process an annual waste stream of 15,000-18.000  tonnes or more, depending on process regime. Additional capacity can be added incrementally. New modules for 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 tonnes per year and more can be established in six months.